Rent a Dress

Rent a Dress

The perfect dress for every occasion.

An event is approaching, and you don't have a dress yet?

Buying a dress doesn’t make much sense since you’ll only wear it once anyway? Dreaming of wearing a classy designer piece, but your budget doesn’t allow it at the moment?

No worries, darling! With us, you have the opportunity to rent a dress or a bag for your special occasion. From our selection of exclusive brands and, of course, our wonderful own creations, you’ll surely find your dream dress – we’re happy to assist you!

And here's how it works:

Step 1: An event or celebration is coming up, and you have nothing suitable to wear yet?

Step 2: Schedule an appointment with us or choose a suitable dress online. Besides the rental price, leave us a deposit, which you’ll get back afterward.

Step 3: Enjoy your event to the fullest and let our dress put you in the spotlight!

Step 4: Return the dress undamaged and receive your deposit back. Spread the message and tell your friends about our offer!

So simple!

Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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